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Education: Addressing the lack of training possibilities in the rural and rural areas, by offering alternative education facilities. BØRNEfonden has financed the construction of buildings and provision of the main hardware for the vocational schools. Since 2007, the schools have provided training in different technical disciplines which are aligned with the local market demand. 

Female genital mutilation: A common practice affecting over 85 pct. of women between 15 and 49 years. The project aims to increase the capacity of health personnel, community group members and leaders to manage and address health related problems related to female genital mutilation. 


While working in Mali, BØRNEfonden has achieved the following, and much more:  

  • When BØRNEfonden started working in Mali in 1989, 71 pct. of the children attended the first year of primary school. Now 99 pct. attend the first year. 
  • In 2012, 77,000 children received school materials through BØRNEfonden. 
  • 162 health workers, 75 leaders of female associations and 30 young leaders were trained in 2009-2010. 
  • Increased synergy between community and health agents in the fight against female genital mutilation and the treatment of complications. 
  • BØRNEfonden sponsors nearly 14,000 children in Mali. 

About BØRNEfonden 

BØRNEfonden is an independent development organisation funded by private sponsorships and business partnerships. Together, we assist more than 67.000 children and youth in creating their own future in Togo, Mali, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso and Benin. BØRNEfonden was founded in 1972 and have since grown to become Denmark’s largest development organization measured in private funds. 

• BØRNEfonden has an annual turnover of more than $35,5 million (USD) 

• We are focused on long-term development work and social sustainability through local partnerships and cooperation 

• We work in four key intervention areas: Education, children’s health, income generating activities and children and development.

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The structural conditions to which children and youth are subjected are crucial in order for them to live a safe and healthy childhood.

The overall objective of this intervention area is to enhance and safeguard the capabilities and opportunities for children and youth to reach their full potential and thus come to act as agent of change in their own lives and in the development of their communities. 

BØRNEfonden works within the following four components in this initiative: ‘Child Development’ ‘Child Protection’, ‘Child Rights’ and ‘Child Participation’.

Child Development
We work to enhance the learning opportunities for children and youth. With a focus on increased access to libraries, letter writing and homework support we ensure better changes for the children and youth to develop their reading and writing skills.

We create access to sport and creative activities, such as drawing, theatre and storytelling, and thereby enhancing children's creative and motoric development. 

We support age-related activities. With a focus on age we ensure that the knowledge and competences forwarded to children and youth are related to their given life situation and thereby make the activities as beneficial as possible for the children.

Child Protection
We create and support safe and protective environments.

We advocate for a child’s upbringing to be in a safe and protected environment. Through campaigns targeting the broad local population we create awareness about the necessity of making a safe and protected environment for a child’s upbringing.

We focus on capacity building young people. Through educational activities we teach young people to protect themselves, mainly against HIV/AIDS and STI.

Child Rights
We focus on the legitimate rights for children and youth. By facilitating birth certificates we support and improve the legitimate rights of children and youth.

We advocate for the rights of children and youth. Through campaigns we influence the official institutions and organizations to implement and render existing policies in favour of the rights of the children and youth.

Child Participation
We enhance a supportive community structure for child participation. Through attitude-changing activities we aim to influence parents and adults to realize and acknowledge the potential of children and the sustainable affect they can have on developing their community in order for them to make children participate in the community.

We support the establishment of child-committees, where children and youth have the opportunity to develop competences and skills in self-realization and democratic processes. This will expectantly enable a desire to be active, dedicated and participating citizens.

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